Rules & Regulations

  1. All work will be done unto the Lord.
  2. Must submit to the authority that is over you. Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Romans 13:1
  3. No tolerance for backbiting or demeaning any authority. Grounds for immediate dismissal.
  4. Policy is interpreted by ATWH management and staff.
  5. All relationships of residents will be limited to Jesus during ATWH program. 


  1. No communication between men and women residents except under authorized circumstances.  Fraternizing between male and female residents is not allowed, no exceptions.
  2. No telephone calls in or out will be permitted during first 30 days of the program.  This includes family and friends. No cell phones allowed.
  3. Telephone privileges are on Sunday after the house chores are complete until 6 p.m.  Calls must be authorized by management.  Calls are limited to one 10 minute call per resident and will be monitored on speakerphone.
  4. After 90 days residents are able to go on pass, and one weekend pass every 30 days depending on conduct.  Passes start on Friday at 5 pm and end 10 am Sunday.  You must fill out a pass request form at least 2 weeks before the requested pass date and must have Director/Staff meet with family members for counseling session before your pass location will be approved.  Students must also pass a nicotine test before leaving for pass.
  5. Residents will not walk or hang out in front of the ATWH or church for any reason unless going to church or otherwise directed.
  6. Residents are not allowed in woods, trailer park, or trailers at any time for any reason.
  7. No one is allowed to be in any beds during the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.
  8. Visitation with immediate family members will start 30 days after entry date.  Visitation times are Thursdays for church services ONLY (NO extended visits: directly after church service families must leave and residents must go straight back to the dorm).  Extended visits are on Sundays from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.
  9. No person(s) are allowed in the ATWH or Joseph’s Storehouse (both locations), other than residents and staff unless authorized by director. Anyone who leaves early or was discharged does not have permission to be in the dorm for any reason.
  10. Residents are not allowed in parking lot before or after service for any reason unless authorized by director or staff.
  11. Residents are not allowed to leave premises with visitor for any reason before, during, or after service, which includes lunch, dinner, or store trips.
  12. Residents must communicate with house leader or director about any court date, doctor appt., etc., at least 30 days before unless circumstances dictate otherwise.  If a letter is needed to bring to court/doctor, a Letter Request Form must be turned in at least 1 week prior to court date / doctor appt.
  13. Residents will refrain from any drug, tobacco, and alcohol use while in or affiliated with the ATWH. Anyone is subject to a random drug and nicotine test as often as seen fit.
  14. If drugs and or paraphernalia is found or suspected, police will be involved.
  15. Residents and staff will agree to random drug, tobacco, alcohol screening and or K-9 search.
  16. ATWH will inspect all baggage and/or persons before entering program, returning from pass, or termination of the program.  All baggage, persons and/or property is subject to inspection at any time.
  17. Residents and staff will dress modestly, appropriately, and completely at all times while in the program. (No tank tops or muscle shirts & must have appropriate lengths on all tops and shorts.)
  18. Between the hours of 7:00 am and 8:00 pm residents are to be fully dressed.
  19. Residents must be dressed before leaving shower area.  This means shorts or pants, tank top or shirt – NO QUESTIONS.
  20. Personal hygiene will be tended daily (Shower everyday).
  21. Resident men and staff men will not wear any kind of piercing.  Women’s limit of jewelry will be discussed upon interview.
  22. Wake up time is 6:15 am daily.  All residents are required to have beds made, area clean, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, fully dressed, chores finished and seated at table for devotion by 7:00 am.  No Food or drink in devotion.  No Exceptions.
  23. All male residents must help on trash run after devotion.  This consists of walking the property and picking up litter that may be on grounds. Grounds are consisted of from the building out to Main Street in the front, to the women’s ditch, to the property line in the back, and the side ditch.
  24. All work detail will be designated by house leader and done without question.
  25. All conversation will be of a positive nature at all times; profanity is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  26. Any form of disrespect, arguing, rebellion, backbiting, lying, stealing, bickering, tormenting, teasing, insulting, and or demeaning conversations are grounds for dismissal.
  27. ATWH staff reserves the right to inspect all mail and/or packages coming in or going out.  Students can start corresponding through mail after 2 weeks from entry date.  All outgoing mail has to be turned into the staff or house leaders.
  28. ATWH staff reserves the right to inspect all baggage and/or persons before entering program, returning from pass, or termination of program.
  29. All residents are expected to sit together at all ATWH functions as well as services held at Miracle Place Church unless specifically directed otherwise by a staff member. All residents sit in front of the second poles in the sanctuary and men sit to the right of the camera stands and women to the left of the camera stands. Your family is welcome to sit with you.  Everyone in ATWH must stand during worship in reverence to God.  Restroom trips need to be limited to before or after service only. 
  30. Men or women are not to sit with the opposite sex that is not a part of the immediate family or their already established visitors.
  31. A prayer circle is held at the back of the sanctuary 15 minutes before every service. 

 It is mandatory all residents are there and on time.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  After prayer circle, residents have to find a seat in designated area and cannot leave out of the sanctuary.  (This would be a good time to use the restroom before services start.)

  1. All residents will be required to fill out a sermon sheet every church service.
  2. Prayer call is at 9:00 pm every night in house. Mandatory for everyone that is in the house at 9:00 pm including outpatients/leaders.
  3. Sanctuary, Miracle Street,  coffee shop, foyer of church, offices, bathrooms, etc. are strictly off limits to all residents unless you have been assigned to work in that area or during services, this includes media.
  4. Only Christian audio or video programming as defined by staff will be allowed.  Television is allowed Friday and Saturday evenings or Sunday during free time only.  Any other media has to be approved through director.  Headphones are allowed at night only (no headphones at work).  If anything other than Christian music is being played then the resident will lose the privilege. 
  5. Cell phones, video games, computers, newspapers, magazines or secular books are not allowed.
  6. Anyone who is dismissed or leaves on his own accord prior to completion of the program will not be considered for re-entry for 30 days.  Any monies in their accounts will be forfeited; any and all property must be taken with the resident upon leaving. We are not responsible for any property left behind. NO EXCEPTIONS
  7. ATWH is not responsible for any lost or stolen monies or personal belongings.
  8. No monies, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, food stamps or cash or any other form of money are allowed on residents or in their belongings at any time unless authorized.  Any cash or form of money will be held by staff (director/safe).
  9. All laundry and showering is to be done by 8:30 pm quiet time.
  10. Quiet time is directly after 9:00 pm prayer call every night.  This means you are to be at a table quietly studying or reading your bible or by your bunk doing the same.  Lights out at 10:00 pm. 
  11. Curfew is at dusk for all students, no one allowed outside after dark unless authorized.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  (Curfew for outpatients/leaders is 10:00 pm every night).
  12. No coffee from the coffee shop for residents.  All coffee must be drunk before leaving the house in the morning.
  13. All rules are to be followed.  Anyone intentionally violating any rule will be subject to reprimand or dismissal from ATWH program. 
  14. The Executive Director / Director and house leaders are in authority, no other person can authorize the above policy.