All The Way House

A Ministry of Miracle Place Church

Ricky Sinclair has housed and disciple many people throughout an approximate 10 year period.  As the number of people coming to him grew, it was apparent that more space and help would be needed, thus in 2004 God birthed the All The Way House (ATWH).  The name was given by the current men who were staying with Ricky as a statement that they didn’t want to be half way committed, they desired to go all the way in becoming who God called and created them to be.  

Here, people that have struggled with substance abuse can find a success story in Ricky Sinclair.  He and the staff inspire the residents to go all the way for God, to live for Him 110%.

ATWH provides a safe environment for those seeking to be made whole and offers the individual an opportunity to transition back into society as a productive citizen.  On a more detailed note, ATWH provides Bible study, individual and group counseling, life skills and a family atmosphere.  While we do strive for a routine, we are flexible in our activities and in dealing with the needs of our residents.  We realize that one shoe doesn’t fit all and while we do have guidelines and rules in place, our goal will always be to restore a person, if it is at all possible.

Our main priority is to see a broken person healed and on their feet.  Our program is a one-year program, depending upon the need of the individual resident.  During this time topics such as anger management, finances, and work ethics will be addressed.  

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