Admission Requirements & Steps

Desire to enter and complete the program.
  • Every applicant MUST have their own desire to both change and be a part of The All the Way House program. Applicant families need not urge their loved ones to apply if it is not their loved one’s personal desire to enter the program.
Relatively good physical health.
  • While perfect health is obviously not a requirement, our program does incorporate a work detail each day that our students are required to participate in. Students unable to do light lifting, yard work, or with limited mobility need to inform the Director in order to determine if physical condition(s) will prohibit entry into the program.
Twenty (20) years of age or older.
  • All the Way House’s minimum age requirement for entry is 20. Anyone younger than 20 will have to be considered on an individual case basis for entry into The All Way House.
Thoroughly read the entire Student Manual.
  • The Student Manual may be obtained one of two ways: it may be downloaded below or, if you choose, it can be mailed to you. Be advised that the mail obviously takes longer and could result in a much longer wait to be admitted.
Fill out the Student Application.
  • The Student Application is mandatory paperwork for each person applying for entry into The All The Way House. This step is only necessary AFTER the applicant has read the student manual and decided that they are ready to enter the program and submit to our rules and guidelines. Like the Student Manual, the Student Application can be downloaded below or we can mail it to a physical address of your choice.  The application can also be filled out online.  Simply click your choice below
Schedule an interview with the Admissions Director.
  • After an applicant has read the Student Manual and filled out the Student Application, the final step in the application process is a personal interview with a Director.  Following the interview, applicants will be required to have 4 blood tests completed and will then be ready to enter the program or put onto a waiting list, depending upon the current level of residency.

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